Plugin rainhour


The plugin allows you to display rain forecast from “Meteo France” for the next hour This service is available online here (Service only available for the cities of France):


This service gives the forecast chance of rain for the next hour with a precision of 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes, this forecast is updated.

For developpement, there is a API available to use the data provide (see dev page for information)

The cover of this service is not available on all cities because of reliefs, here is the coverage map “Météo France”:


The plugin display the data provided in the form of icons like this: With 5 cases of possible forecasts available in the “Meteo France” API :

  • No rain (value 1)
  • Light rain (value 2)
  • Moderate rain (value 3)
  • Heavy rain (value 4)
  • No data (value 0)


No dependencies needed

Plugin configuration

No configuration needed for the plugin

Create the domogik devices

Device parameters configuration

Two parameters are needed for a domogik device creation

Key Type Description
location DT_String ID “Meteo France” of the location
locationame DT_String Locaton Name (for displaying in widget)

Admin/Advanced page of the plugin can create the device with the location ID/Name with a search fonctionnality:


Just click on the link and you will be redirected to the device creation page with pre-filled parameters:


The plugin provided 2 sensors for use in a scenario:

  • RainInHour (Boolean ‘true’ if rain in the next hour)
  • heavyRainInHour (Boolean ‘true’ if heavy rain in the next hour)

Start the plugin

You can now start the plugin (start button) and use the created devices.

Set up your widgets on the user interface

You can now place the widgets of your devices features on the user interface.

This is 2 types of widgets to choose:

Here is the 2 widgets rainhour forecast and rainhour forecast 2 with the 2 sensors boolean widgets: